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The design brief for XTRACTOR RECON was to maximize performance whilst minimising pack down size. The results will challenge your expectations about what is possible with compact retractable-butt carp rod design. RECON technology utilises a double retractable butt section and combines this with our new VARI-TAPERTM joint construction to produce rods that both look and feel like their 2-section predecessors. If you are looking for top performance and ultimate convenience you no longer have to compromise.

The XTRACTOR RECON 8FT rods pack down to only 30 inches and are some of the most versatile carp rods that we have ever produced.
They feature a longer style handle and 40mm ringing pattern which both aid in casting andfish-playing ability.
Like all XTRACTOR rods you will find these to have a satisfying progressive action lending itself perfectly to all forms of carp fishing.
Of course, at only 30 inches these could be the travel carp rods that you havebeen waiting for but don’t be deceived; the performance of these rods just might convince you to keep a set handyfor whenever a fishing opportunity arises.

Available in 3 test curves which will cover any carp fishing scenario you are likely to encounter;

8FT 2.5LB The perfect model for smaller waters where heavy tactics are not required.
Suitable for those who appreciate a rod’s fighting curve but need power in reserve for when the need arises.
8FT 3.0LB The all-rounder, is happy landing singles, doubles or 40lb’rs if required.
If PVA tactics are high on your list, this rod has the power to provide the extra oomph required.

8FT 3.5LB The worldwide special, if big carp are your target then this is the rod you need you need. Has largereserves of power when you need it to land the biggest fish.

  • Slim,silkmattblackcarbonfibreblankwithprogressivepoweraction
  • Super-lightM-SERIESDLblackguides
  • VARI-TAPERTMjointconstruction
  • 40mmguidepatternwithAnti-fraptip
  • 17mmblackDPSreelseattohouseallreels
  • LinefriendlycustomcontouredSonikclip
  • SlimJapaneseshrinkrubberhandle
  • Blackanodisedbuttcaplaseretchedwith‘S’logo
  • 8FTtransportlength76cm(30“)


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